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XLPE Rubber Products

Catering to all our clients specific needs, we are now offering XLPE Rubber Products that are specially engineered cutting advanced and cutting edge techniques to ensure that our XLPE Rubber Products are the bets on the market. Currently, our range of XLPE Rubber Products includes XLPE Fitments and XLPE Rubber Sheets.

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XLPE Rubber Sheets

Light and water proof, our XLPE Rubber Sheets are also corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly so that the customer can work on his water excluding structures in peace. Lustrously bright and high in tensile strength, our XLPE Rubber Sheets are one of the most popular products we have on the


XLPE Fitments

With its anti corrosion, superior finish and incredibly high durability, our XLPE Fitments can readily be used to transfer joint fillers of low loads. Waterproof and covered with reliable protection, our XLPE Fitment is specially designed by the most qualified of professional to ensure that it delivers perfection, while still